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100PLUS is specially formulated to help restore what the body loses in the course of the day. Its unique combination of carbohydrates (glucose and sucrose) and electrolytes (minerals) helps in efficient transport of nutrients into the body.

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Hydrate yourself the way nature intended with Coco Life coconut water. Made from 100% coconut water with no fat, no cholesterol and no artificial flavours, Coco Life is as real as it gets. Coco Life is your healthier choice of refreshment and rejuvenation for both the mind and body.

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F&N DAISY gives your body what it needs, and more. It is 99% fat free and packed with 9 essential vitamins that your body needs. Every drop of F&N DAISY is full of goodness that milk is known for: essential vitamins and minerals, and of course calcium, which helps build strong bones.

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Straight from Australia, FARMHOUSE provides discerning consumers farm-fresh milk of the highest quality and great taste too! The answer to milk lovers who enjoy the rich, creamy taste and freshness of 100% farm-fresh milk from Australia.

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Fruit Tree Fresh

Made from 100% great tasting juice, squeezed from the choicest fruits and vegetables that Mother Nature has given to us. With no artificial sweetener or sugar added, you get to enjoy the best natural goodness and a healthier choice, the way Mother Nature intended.

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Ice Mountain

F&N Ice Mountain Sparkling is the No. 1 bottled water brand in Singapore. Trusted for its quality and purity, it is readily available to quench Singaporeans’ thirst in this hot and humid climate.

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As the very first food we consume, milk is nature’s way of providing the nutrients we need. From birth through to adulthood, milk remains an essential source of nourishment.

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