Liese Hair Spray - Airy Volumizing


    • Enhanced air and volume for your hair
    • Weightless styling formula to style perfectly for a naturally airy finish
    • Fruity floral fragrance




    1. Use only on dry harir
    2. Take the section of your hair from the crown and spay it thoroughly on the inner and outer layers about 20cm away
    3. Scrunch on hair loosely as if letting air in, to add volume
    How To Dispose:
    1. Remove cap and button
    2. Invert the can and insert it into the top of cap to discharfe any remaning content
    1. Do not use if have cuts or eczema on scalp
    2. Stop using if irritation occurs and consult a dermatologist
    3. Avoid contact with eyes, if happens, rinse with water immediately
    4. Do not inhale the mist
    5. To avoid frostbite, do not spray for more than 1 second in a single area
    6. Do not spray while using hair dryer or hair iron to avoid catching fire or burn injuries
    7. Do not use near naked flames or fires
    8. Do not use large quantities of this product inside a room where fire is used
    9. If subjected to high temperature, an explosion may occur
    10. Do not throw into fire


    • Keep out of children's reach
    • Empty the product before disposal
    • Do not store under direct sunlight or near sources of heat where temperatures may exceed 40°C

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