Nichigo Washing Machine Cleaner


    Nichigo Washing Machine Cleaner helps to remove mould, dirt, germs and stubborn stains thoroughly, stop germs from breeding and washing machine tank clean and shiny.

    • Now in powder form for easier use
    • For metal and plastic washing tank




    How To Use:
    1. Switch on washing machine to fill up washing tank
    2. Pour in the washing cleaner (1 pack per use) and operate it for 2 - 3 minutes to dissolve powder then switch off washing machine
    3. Close lid and leave the mixture in washing machine for 2 - 3 hours
    4. Choose "washing machine mode" or normal mode (wash-rinse-spin dry) depending on your washing machine type

    1. 30°C - 40°C is the ideal temperature
    2. Do not put in your clothes because this cleaner has bleaching function
    3. Do not use water which was used in bath with bath salt
    4. Finish the entire pack each time for maximum effect
    5. Please use 2 packets if you want it to be extra clean
    6. Do not leave it for more than 12 hours as it will cause washing machine problems
    7. If machine still has dirt, please clean for 1 - 2 more times
    8. Be careful as the cleaner, when in contact with water, stains clothes

    1. Keep it out of children's reach
    2. Do not use for other objectives other than cleaning washing machine

    First Aid:
    1. If consumed accidentally, wash mouth immediately and drink 1 - 2 cups of milk or water
    2. If product enter eyes, wash it off with water for more than 15 minutes
    3. If in contact with skin, wash it off with water
    4. Consult doctor when any of the above cases happen


    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Store in cool place


    Acidic Sodium [Acid], Acidic Salt, Yeast Surface Active Agent

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