Ja-Rice Rice - Akita Akitakomachi (Rinse Free)

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Till31st October 2019



    1. Measure the rice accurately using a measuring cup
    2. You don’t need to rinse the rice with tap water before cooking
    3. For tastier rice, use mineral water instead of tap water
    4. Use a little more water than usual (about 5%)
    5. If the rice cooker has markings specifically for rinse free rice, add water to the level indicated
    6. Place the appropricate amount of rice in the rice cooker
    7. Make sure your cooker is in "white rice cooking" mode and turn it on
    8. Leave the rice in water for approximately 30 minutes before cooking unless your rice cooker has a microcomputer function
    9. Let the rice stand for about 15 minutes after cooking
    10. Stir the rice with a serving spoon from the bottom up to "un stick" the grains and fluff
    11. Let the steam evaporate


    • Keep this bag away from babies and children
    • Placement over the head of face may result in suffocation
    • This bag is flammable
    • Never put it close to fire
    • Keep in a cool place or refrigerate after opening
    • Store at room temperature
    • Store away from direct sunlight and moisture

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