Magiclean Wiper Handy Duster - Regular (35cm)

1 per pack
$4.60 $5.95
Till12th November 2019

    Contains high absorption fibres that effectively pick up, trap and hold even the finest dust. No more fly-away dust!




    1. Position head onto handle and lock firmly into place and once assembled, it cannot be dismantled
    2. Slot duster over head and fasten with handle notch
    Recommended use:
    1. Once tip of duster is soiled, simply switch ends to maximise usage
    2. Replace duster with refill once soiled as the dust trapping ability declines with usage
    3. If the plastic head and handle are soiled, wipe with water or diluted dish washing liquid then allow to dry, away from sunlight


    1. Duster is not reusable and cannot be washed
    2. Not suitable for use on wet surfaces as duster fibres are not water absorbent
    3. Avoid exposure of duster to direct sunlight and high temperatures
    4. Do not leave duster on plain wood or furniture for extended periods of time as this may result in discolouration
    1. Use light sweeping motions
    2. Excessive force may cause handle to break
    3. Handy duster is designed for dusting surfaces only, and not to be used for other purposes
    4. Do not use on splintered surfaces to avoid tearing of fibres
    5. To avoid scratches, do not use on TVs, LCD screens, furniture or other delicate surfaces if grains, sand or hard dirt particles are trapped in the duster
    6. Do not use on exteriors of automobiles
    7. For light bulbs or objects with high temperature, turn off power supply first and allow to cool before dusting
    8. Turn off power sources of TV and other home appliances before dusting
    9. Do not force duster into spaces if it does not fit

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