Unimom Forte Double Breast Pump

1 pc

    - Quiet hospital grade pump - one of the quietest in the market
    - Effective single/double sided expression
    - Mimics baby's natural suction allowing faster let down
    - Adjustable vacuum setting ensures comfort and optimum expression
    - Extra long life motor and efficient piston mechanism
    - Hygienic closed system with back flow protection
    - Switch to manual pump using switch kit (optional accessory)
    - Vacuum range: 50-300mmHg
    - Support 240v (Singapore voltage)
    - BPA free
    - CE approved
    - 1 year local warranty (kindly register for warranty at https://bove.co/pages/warranty-registration)

    What's in the box:
    1 x Forte# electric breast pump
    2 x breast shields (24mm)**
    2 x white valves***
    2 x bottle stands
    2 x bottles
    2 x bottle covers
    2 x caps
    2 x disks
    2 x large membranes***
    2 x bottom covers
    2 x top covers
    2 x air tubes
    1 x connector
    2 x silicone massager (fits only the 24mm breast shield)****


    South Korea

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