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Downy Fabric Conditioner Refill - Garden Bloom
Downy Fabric Conditioner Refill - Garden Bloom1.6L

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Till 25th Dec 2019

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Key Information

  • • Protects colours and provides softness
  • • Freshness bubbles that release a floral fragrance that lasts
  • • Quick drying and easy to iron

Country of Origin



  • 1. Cut the refill pack at the indicated line
  • 2. Pour the contents into one empty bottle of Downy
  • 3. Don’t add water into Downy
  • 4. Recycle the bottle of Downy for use with the refill pack
  • Recommended usage:
  • Pour Downy in the last rinse of water or washing machine dispenser, after rinse, dry as usual
  • Hand wash:
  • ½ cap for 15 to 20 pieces of garments
  • Machine Wash:
  • 1 cap for full load (up to 52L water level)