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Facebook & Online Scam


Dear Customers,


We have received feedback about various sponsored Facebook posts offering a chance to win $1,000 shopping vouchers. Clicking the post would lead one to a survey link and after completing a few simple questions, one would be asked personal information in order to “claim the prize”.


Some of these posts create a false impression that it is a FairPrice promotion by using without our permission FairPrice's website address and corporate logo. An example of such a Facebook post is shown below.


Such Facebook posts and surveys are neither created nor endorsed by FairPrice and we advise customers to be wary of fraudulent emails, websites and marketing campaigns. Our customer database is kept confidential and not shared with external parties.


We will be reporting this matter to the police as well as Facebook. Please call our Customer Relations Hotline at 6552 2722 should you need any clarification.



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