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Kang Kar Mall Pest Occurrence Under Control
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Kang Kar Mall Pest Occurrence Under Control



Dear Customers,
FairPrice is aware of the online post about pests at our Kang Kar Mall branch, which was first posted in February this year and again on 30 May.  The rat had already been caught on 28th May, before the video was posted.  


NEA has inspected our store on 1 June 2016 and no rats were found. We will continue to work with various parties to investigate the source of the rat. Our contracted pest control specialists have since stepped-up its efforts at the branch. Our records reveal that the specialists visited the store 4 times in February and several more times in the following months. In May alone, they have visited the store another 5 times. The store has also disposed all products that may have been compromised by the pest and sanitised the area thoroughly.
FairPrice contracts qualified and licensed pest control specialists who provide regular checks, identifying potential issues such as rodent entry points, and work with our maintenance teams to address these areas. Our store operating procedures also include strict housekeeping guidelines that stores must adhere to. These specialists visit our stores at least once a month. 
One of the main challenges we face with regards to pest control is when pest occurrences stem from external sources. As such, we also ensure that the specialists are contracted to provide consultation and liaison services with external parties such as Town Councils and Building Management to collaboratively work our solutions. In the occurrence of pests, our pest control vendors are expected to be on site within 2 hours.
As a responsible retailer, food safety and hygiene is of paramount concern to FairPrice and we spare no effort in ensuring we maintain a clean environment while providing wholesome food to our customers.


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