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SUSTENIR Super Kale 120g

GOLD Australia Brussels Sprouts 500g

BLUSH Grape Tomato Assorted 200g

GOLD Australia Washed Potato 500g

FAIRPRICE Assorted Flavours Potong Ice Confection 10s x 65g

SEAWAVES Mahi-Mahi Fish Fingers/ Chunky Tempura Fish Bites/ Seaweed Fish Bites 250g/300g

FAIRPRICE Breaded Scallop Cake 160g

BIBIK’S Flamy Midwings Non-Spicy 750g

CHEF’S PORK Iberico Meatballs Cheezy/Signature 400g

OKEANOSS Jumbo Tiger Prawn Meat 400g

TALLEY’S Greenshell Mussels In The Half Shell 907g

THE GOURMET’S PACK Frozen Premium Beef Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki 200g

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