National seafood month

National seafood month

National Seafood Month is here for all seafood lovers! From 1 – 14 October, enjoy up to 27% OFF on our range of seafood-and reel in all the ingredients you need to prepare an unforgettable seafood feast. From fresh salmon to pleasing wine pairings, check out our freshest deals only at FairPrice Finest! Don’t let it slip away.

Pick your catch of the day

HARBOR SEAFOOD Crab Meat Claw Meat

Crab Meat Claw Meat (226g)

OKEANOSS Frozen Angka Prawns

U.P. $26.95
Frozen Angka Prawns (700g)

SAR Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillet

$2.69 per 100g
U.P. $3.90 per 100g
Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillet

LONGLINE FISHER Frozen Sea Scallop

$15.90 per pack
U.P. $18.95 per pack
Frozen Sea Scallop (400g)


Selecting Best Norwegian Salmon Fillet:
✓ Gently press the fillet with your finger, the flesh should spring back.
✓ Look for fillet that is bright in contrast with nice marbling and there should not be any smelly fishy smells. 

✓ Scallops are a low fat seafood choice that is a good source of protein.
✓ It is one of the most popular seafood items due to their unique appealing texture and succulent flavours.
✓ Their texture is like a cross between a shrimp and a squid. It has a mild sweetness and briny flavour.
✓ It is also a popular choice to be eat during steamboat.

Locally farmed fishes

Enjoy up to 25% OFF our selection of locally-farmed fish

  • Much fresher due to the short storage times
  • Healthier from being grown in a pesticide-free environment
  • Of the highest quality as they are grown with care
Choose Fresh, Choose Local Produce - our locally farmed fishes
Description Offer Price Retail Price
TFF Grey Mullet (SG) $11.90 $8.90
TFF Milk Fish (SG) $6.00 $4.90
TFF Sea-water Seabass (SG) $11.90 $9.90
TFF Red Snapper S (SG) $18.90 $16.90

Choose your favourite condiment

HAPPY BELLY Salted Egg Yolk Paste Spicy / Non-Spicy

U.P. $6.90
Salted Egg Yolk Paste Spicy / Non-Spicy (170g)

TRUFFLE HUNTER Truffle Oil White/ Black

U.P. $20.25
Truffle Oil White/ Black (100ml)

Round off with the perfect wine pairing

DONA FATIMA Jampal (750ml)

U.P. $47.00
Jampal (750ml)

MANZ Sparkling Wine (750ml)

U.P. $65.00
Sparkling Wine (750ml)


To pair wine with seafood, we will need to consider how a seafood is being prepared and cooked. Wines with high acidity can trigger a metallic “fishy” taste with shellfish. However, if the same shellfish – prawns or scallops – is deep-fried in a batter, it makes it easier to pair with even high acidity wine.

Here are some guiding points:
Easier to pair shellfish with a white wine that has body, texture and roundness.
Seafood cooked in a black pepper, chilli or spicy sauce are best with an off-dry Moscato, the pinch of fruity sweetness ensuring the wine is able to marry with the spiciness.
A rosé, essentially, a light red, can pair admirably with fish.
✓ So too a Pinot Noir, especially if the fish is deep-fried, barbecue or braised because these styles of cooking help burn off some of the umami richness of fish.