Cook up Fantastic Foodventures this Holiday

Cooking with kids is a great way to spend quality family time and nurture the young ones to develop a positive experience with food. With the June holidays coming up, try out 3 exciting recipes from FairPrice’s Fantastic Foodventures with the kids. Embark on a Fantastic Foodventure and spark the joy of cooking with your young ones.

Recipe 1: Prawn Taco

Fantastic Foodventures Starring Heroes

Sleepy Tomato

Cheeky Cheese

Super Prawns

Download your fantastic Prawn Taco story here

Recipe 2: Minced Chicken Rice Balls

Fantastic Foodventures Starring Heroes

Worried Carrot

Panicky Peas

Calm Corn

Download your fantastic Minced Chicken Rice Balls story here

Recipe 3: Mixed Berry French Toast

Fantastic Foodventures Starring Heroes

Mighty Bread

Playful Eggs

Friendly Berries

Download your fantastic Mixed Berry French Toast story here

Download these fun activities for your kids to enjoy!

Watch Cheekiemonkies whip up some fantastic Prawn Tacos

Check out the video of Cheekiemonkies trying out our Prawn Taco Recipe and taking his kids on a cooking adventure with Sleepy Tomato and Cheeky Cheese!

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