FairPrice on Wheels is now bigger and better

FairPrice on Wheel - is now bigger and better

Your mobile store is now bigger and better! Enjoy our selection of more than 200 items in our mobile store.

Whether you’re shopping for fruits and vegetables, or essentials like rice, milk, bread and even ice cream, grocery shopping is now easier than ever!

Our truck will be at these locations and timings:

FairPrice Store FairPrice Address Operating Hours
Bukit Purmei Near Blk 108 9am – 2pm(Sun-Tue)
Kaki Bukit Community Centre At Kaki Bukit CC 9am – 8pm (Sat)
Telok Blangah Rise Near Blk 32 3 pm – 8pm(Sun-Tue)
Clementi West St 2 Near Blk 708 9am – 2pm (Wed- Fri)
West Coast Road Near Blk 518 3pm – 8pm (Wed- Fri)

Payment mode is the same as every FairPrice store (except dash pay).

To ensure the safety of everyone, please wear a mask to shop and keep at least a safe distance of 1m apart to observe social distancing.

Wear a mask and keep a safe distance
  • Will there be LinkPoints given?
    Yes, LinkPoints will be given with a min. spend of $20. Card must be presented upon purchase for LinkPoints to be credited
  • Is Pioneer/Merdeka/Senior discount given for purchases made from this truck?
    Yes, Pioneer/Merdeka/Senior citizens discount will be given on the allocated days as per the same practice when purchased from stores.
  • Can the FairPrice mobile truck also come to my area?
    Locations for our trucks are assessed and selected based on several criteria such as the number of seniors residing in the area, walking distance to the nearest supermarket, etc.
  • How long will this initiative last for?
    This initiative will last as long as there is sizeable consumer demand for the service. We will expand to more locations if required.
  • Are non-Pioneer/Merdeka/Seniors allowed to shop at this truck?
    Yes! We welcome everyone to shop with us.
  • What can we buy from this truck?
    You can get a selection of more than 200 items such as fruits, vegetables, rice, milk, bread and even ice cream.
  • What kinds of payment modes do you accept in this truck?
    Payment mode is the same as every FairPrice store (except dash pay).
  • With the COVID-19 situation, what measures are you taking to ensure my health and safety while shopping?
    All staff are required to wear masks and sanitise regularly in all work areas. To maintain social distancing, we have also indicated queue spots. Our hotline is made available as well for general queries and to check on the real-time status of stock and queues.
  • What information can I find out by dialling this hotline?
    You can get live updates on stock levels, queue lengths, as well as answers to general enquiries (e.g. Where exactly is the truck located? What are the truck’s operating hours?). For more information regarding the truck, please call 96684052
  • Will in store promotions or lucky draw be available at FairPrice Mobile Store?
    Yes! Promotion in-stores will also apply to FairPrice mobile store.
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