More than $400,000 to be won with FairPrice Visa Fortune Peel Cards

Spend a Min. of $80 in a Single Receipt & Pay With Visa
At Our Participating Stores From 13 – 23 Jan To Receive A Fortune Peel Card

Stand To Win

$ 1,888 in FairPrice E-Gift Card
$ 688 in FairPrice E-Gift Card
$8 off $38 Discount Voucher
$2 off $28 Discount Voucher
$1 off $8 Discount Voucher

Limited to one Fortune Peel Card per cardholder per day, while stocks last.

Available when you shop at these stores:

Frequently Ask Questions

(Issuance 13th – 23th January 2022, Redemption valid till 16th February 2022)

Q1. The store I am at ran out of Peel Cards, can I visit another store with my receipt or come back another day to ask for 1 Peel Card? 

No. The Fortune Peel Cards are issued whilst stock lasts or till 19th Jan 2022. Fortune Peel Cards can only be issued at the point of  purchase at the store of purchase.

Q2. Can I get 2 Peel Cards if I spent $160 in a single transaction? Can I split transactions? 

No. Customers can only receive ONE (1) Peel Card as the promotion is limited to 1 redemption per cardholder per day. 

Q3. Can I get a free Peel Card by presenting more than 1 receipt which accumulates to a sum more than $80 

No. Min spend of $80 needs to be made in a single receipt. 

Q4. If I were to pay $10 using a FP Gift Voucher, and the remaining $70 by Visa Contactless, will I be able to receive a Peel Card? 

No, you will not be able to receive the Peel card. Cardholders will need to charge a minimum of $80 to their Visa Card to receive a Peel Card. 

Q5. I have won the $688 or $1,888 FairPrice e-gift card, how do I go about claiming my reward? 

You will need to take a photo of the peel card showing the value of FairPrice e-gift card that you have won with the peel card’s serial number and have it sent to: together with your name, email and contact number by 16th February 2022. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiting of the reward. The winning eligible participant will be contacted shortly via telephone and/or email to arrange for the collection of the reward.

Q6. How long will the $688 and $1,888 FairPrice e-gift card credits be valid for? 

The FairPrice e-gift cards will be valid till 31 December 2022

Q7. I have won the $688 FairPrice e-gift card, can I redeem the $688 FairPrice e-gift card for a physical gift voucher at any of the FairPrice stores instead?

No, customers will need to follow the instructions stated on the winning Peel Card to collect the $688 or $1,888 e-gift card. The rewards are fixed and non-exchangeable. Reward stated on the Peel Card cannot be traded for any other items regardless of its value.

Q8. I am paying for my purchases via Scan & Go, how will I be able to receive the Peel Cards?

For Scan & Go purchases, issuance of the Peel Card for FairPrice stores will be done at by Self-checkout attendants and issuance for FairPrice Finest and Fairprice Xtra stores will be done at the Customer Service Kiosks.

Q9. Can I redeem the Peel Card (eg; $1 off minimum spend $8) and check-out via Scan & Go?

No. The redemption of Peel Card return discount can only be done so via Self check-outs or manned check-out counters. Payment via FairPrice App in-store may also be accepted as long as the selected card for payment is a Visa debit/credit card.

Q10. What are the eligible cards to enjoy the promotion? Can I pay by my NETS using my VISA debit card and still be able to receive the peel card? 

All Visa credit / debit cards are eligible. No, payment made via NETS are not eligible, the payment has to be done via Visa checkout method. 

Q11. Where can i find the full Terms and Conditions

Click here for full Terms and Condition

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