Find the missing ketupats!

Find the Ketupat and Save!

Are you ready for the Hidden Ketupat Hunt?

Three ketupats have been hidden in the FairPrice app on the ‘grocery delivery’ and ‘grocery in-store’ sections. Find these missing pieces and merge them together to earn a promo code for MORE savings!

Promo code status for ‘grocery delivery’: Fully Redeemed

How to Play

There are ketupats with promo codes on them hidden on some products in the FairPrice app. Find and merge three ketupats together to form a three-part code to redeem it for your next purchase for greater savings.

Step 1: Search for products tagged with the ketupat icon by using these clues!

Soft and good for sensitive teeth!

Best eaten when spread on some toast!

A blackcurrant drink that’s suitable for kids.

A German chocolate, with hazelnuts!

A breakfast cereal from the US!

Step 2: Decide if you want to use the code via Scan & Go or for online orders

In-store (Scan & Go)

FairPrice app - Grocery in-store - Scan & Go

• Click on the “Grocery in-store” tile
• Select the stores with Scan & Go feature
• Start your hunt!


FairPrice app - Grocery Delivery

Click on the “Grocery Delivery” tile
• Input your delivery address
• Begin your search

Promo code status for ‘grocery delivery’: Fully Redeemed

Step 3: Piece all 3 parts for a full promo code!
Apply the promo code on your checkout to enjoy $X OFF!

Hurry, promo codes are limited! Hunt them down now before they are gone!

T&Cs apply.

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