Goodbye paper, hello digital receipts!

Goodbye paper, hello e-receipts on FairPrice Group app

In our efforts to go paperless, you will no longer receive physical receipts or lucky draw stubs when you pay via the FairPrice Group app.* This will be effective from 1 November 2023.

Track your transactions effortlessly on the app!

*Bonus stamps or QR codes for Health Promotion Board campaigns will still be printed, where applicable.

To view your digital receipts,
go to Account > Activity > Payment 

How to view receipts on FairPrice Group app

To view your lucky draw chances,
go to Account >  Play and Win > Lucky Draw

How to view lucky draw chances on the FairPrice Group app

Join all Lucky Draws digitally! Opt in on the app now.

When you opt in, all your eligible transactions will automatically be considered!

To opt in to all lucky draws, go to Account > Preferences > Lucky draw
Click on the toggle to automatically join all lucky draws!

Opt-in to FairPrice Lucky Draw on the FairPrice Group app

How to upload e-receipt for shopping mall reward points

How to upload e-receipt for shopping mall reward points with your FairPrice Group app receipts
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