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Join FairPrice in supporting local!

Support Local with FairPrice

Did you know that Singapore produces less than 10% of Singapore’s nutritional needs locally? That leaves plenty of room to improve our food security.

FairPrice supports Singapore’s 30 by 30 vision, a goal to produce 30% of our nutritional needs locally by 2030! Join hands with us in supporting local farmers by highlighting local produce in these 4 categories: Eggs, Vegetables, Mushroom and Fish.

Why should we produce locally?

Our goal is to support our local farmers and spur them to embrace technology and become more productive to meet increased demand. We also protect ourselves from volatilities like sudden disruptions to transport routes, export bans and the impacts of climate change.

This goal also features in the Singapore Green Plan 2030, and will help build a more resilient food future. Read more about this initiative here.

Learn more & earn LinkPoints

Shop fresh, locally produced fish and check out with Scan & Go to gain bonus LinkPoints!
Find all 4 QR codes hidden at FairPrice Xtra Vivo City and Parkway Parade stores and scan them to start earning.

1. Check in to Scan & Go on the FairPrice app

2. Find and scan the 4 QR codes in the Seafood, Eggs, Vegetables and Mushroom sections of the store

3. Check out your groceries with Scan & Go to earn up to 100 bonus LinkPoints!

3. Check out your groceries with Scan & Go to earn up to 100 bonus LinkPoints!

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