Hidden recipe hunt!

Hidden recipe hunt!

Step into the shoes of a recipe hunter, decipher these clues & uncover $8 OFF promo codes hidden in selected recipe pages!

Hidden recipes are refreshed & new codes are released from 19 Sep!

How to Play

Hunt down recipes tagged with the promo codes & unlock more savings by using these clues!

Tacos but not if you’re allergic to shellfish!

Sometimes, they put too much peppercorns on this dish…

A fragrant Malaysian curry with a yellow fruit.

Oink oink, i’m a vegetarian sweet & sour dish.

A healthy breakfast wrap with mushrooms.

It’s not a sponge, it’s a cake!

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Codes are valid with min. $130 spend. Limited to 1 per user for each transaction. Limited codes weekly. Till 2 Oct. For full set of T&Cs, click here.

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