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How do we ensure high quality freshness?

We are committed to delivering fresh and safe products to our users. Be assured that we undertake necessary steps from storage to delivery, to ensure that your fresh produce reaches you perfectly.

Here’s how we ensure your produce reaches you fresh:

Fresh products are stored at 0 – 4 °C or 16 – 20 °C depending on product category. Chillers are constantly monitored throughout the day to ensure that the cold chain is not compromised during storage.

For deliveries fulfilled from our central distribution centre: A dedicated Quality Assurance team checks the quality of fresh products daily. Fresh products that are unable to meet the guidelines are removed.

For deliveries fulfilled from our stores: Our trained pickers carefully check fresh products upon picking. Quality checks are also conducted by delivery dispatchers prior to delivery as well.

Pickers are trained to pick as if they are the customers. They will check the quality of fresh products upon picking. Fresh products are also packed appropriately.

Raw poultry, seafood & meat are delivered in cooler boxes with eutectic plates, ensuring that temperature is maintained at less than 4 °C. For fresh products, upon release to drivers, delivery will be made within 4 hours.

Order fresh from us & enjoy high quality fresh produce delivered right to your doorstep. Start shopping for fresh now!

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