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Launched about a year ago, the Fresh Ambassador programme now comprises 180 experts. They are chosen from staff who enjoy interacting with customers like you. You can find these shopping experts at the Fresh sections of all FairPrice supermarkets, excluding Xtra and Finest stores.

How can you spot a Fresh Ambassador?
Look out for them in their iconic blue shirts and red aprons.

What insights can they provide?
They will be happy to share what’s new in the store, how to pick the freshest produce, and the fruit, vegetables and meat that work best for your recipes.

How do they stay up to date?
To stay up to date on the latest trends, Fresh Ambassadors are part of a very active WhatsApp group that pools knowledge and updates on the latest offers from the FairPrice headquarters and the various stores.

How do Fresh Ambassadors keep their knowledge, well, fresh?
About two or three times a year, Fresh Ambassadors also attend specialised training courses to build in-depth knowledge of the fresh food industry in Singapore. These include talks and workshops by the Singapore Food Agency on local produce.

Here’s the scoop from two of FairPrice’s produce pros on how to pick the juiciest fruits and crispest veggies in stores.

Jasmine Ong

  • “Green vegetables like spinach and kale should have deep, rich green hues. Avoid those with faded or dull colours and yellow or slimy leaves. The vegetables should feel firm to the touch and leaves should be crisp.”
  • “When buying fruit, look for those with vibrant colours and are free of bruises and blemishes. Some fruit like bananas and avocadoes can be put in a paper bag to trap the ethylene gas that they release, which speeds up the ripening process.”

Noor Hasiah Bte Nasain

  • “If you buy oranges, hold them in your hand and get the ones that are heavier as they tend to be juicier. Once you are home, don’t leave fruit and vegetables near the window where there’s sunlight.”

Check out the FairPrice Super Savers page on Facebook where Fresh Ambassadors will share tips on choosing the freshest groceries.

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