Scan & Go: Shop Easy Shop Smart

Scan & Go - a smarter way to shop.

Perks of Scan & Go

Checkout in a few taps. Skip the queue with Scan & GO

Checkout in a few taps

Get alerted on lucky draws with the FairPrice Group app

Get alerted on lucky draws

Save time on checkout with reusable bags because you can scan and bag as you go with Scan & Go

Save time on checkout with reusable bags

Track your savings on the FairPrice Group app

Track your savings

Enjoy the latest deals in stores and in-app with the FairPrice Group app

Enjoy the latest deals in stores and in-app

Shop in 4 easy steps:

Scan OR code to check-in


Scan & Bag when you use the Scan & Go function on FairPrice Group app


Pay in-app with one tap


Verify your purchase


credit card

Accepts digital payments only
To use CDC vouchers, physical vouchers or E-Gift Vouchers, pay at self-checkout counter or cashier.

Embark on smart shopping! Shop easy, shop smart and reap the benefits with Scan & Go – the answer to all your shopping needs.

Jaren hustles just about everything, except dinner. How does he make time?

Yu Ting has a bad case of #fomo – she just can’t miss out on good deals! How does she stay up to date?

This work-from-home dad serves a picky boss, all while tracking his expenses to the last dollar. How does he do it?

Aishah is conscious of maintaining safe distances. How does she keep her distance in crowded FairPrice stores?

Experience the convenience of Scan & Go yourself at these stores:

FairPrice stores with Scan & Go
  • FairPrice, E! Hub Downtown East
  • FairPrice, Hougang Lifestyle Mall
  • FairPrice, Yew Tee Point
  • FairPrice, Canberra Plaza
FairPrice Finest Stores with Scan & Go
  • FairPrice Finest, Artra
  • FairPrice Finest, Bukit Timah Plaza
  • FairPrice Finest, Funan Mall
  • FairPrice Finest, Holland Village
  • FairPrice Finest, Le Quest
  • FairPrice Finest, Paya Lebar Quarter
  • FairPrice Finest, Sengkang Grand Mall
  • FairPrice Finest, Thomson Plaza
  • FairPrice Finest, Waterway Point
  • FairPrice Finest, The Woodleigh Mall
  • FairPrice Finest, Yew Tee MRT
FairPrice Xtra Stores with Scan & Go
  • FairPrice Xtra, Hyper JEM
  • FairPrice Xtra, VivoCity
  • FairPrice Xtra, Hougang 1
  • FairPrice Xtra, Parkway Parade

Need a bag? Here’s how:

You can help save the Earth (and more money!) by bringing a reusable bag the next time you Scan & Bag to shop.

In case you need extra plastic bags, here’s how you can purchase one on the app via Scan & Go.

Before checkout – While you’re shopping

Before verification – After you’ve paid for your groceries

After verification – Realized that you need more plastic bags?

Fret not, scan the plastic bag barcode at the checkout area via Scan & Go.

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