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Champ Fungi Mushrooms - Sliced White button
200g|Brand:Champ Fungi

Key Information

White button mushroom has smooth and rounded white caps which are firm and spongey. It also has a short white stem which is thick and smooth. It offers an earthy flavour and chewy texture.

Country/place of Origin



  • White button mushrooms are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as:
  • • Baking
  • • Roasting
  • • Sautéing
  • • Grilling
  • • StewingWays to enjoy:
  • • Pizza topping
  • • Sliced raw and mixed into green and grain salads
  • • Sliced and served with dips
  • • Grilled on skewers
  • • Stuffed with crab, cheese, or other meats as a bite-sized appetizer
  • • Stir-fries
  • • Soups and stews


  • • To maintain its optimum quality for longer, store the item(s) whole in the fridge
  • • Best consumed within 5 days of delivery
  • • For prolonged storage after opening of package, wrap leftover mushrooms with a paper towel and store them in an unsealed bag - This is to keep them dry and prevent rotting