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Lock & Lock Twist Stackable Airtight Container
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Lock & Lock Twist Stackable Airtight Container1.3L

Key Information

  • Features:
  • • Perfect airtight by screw-type cap
  • • Various sizes for convenience
  • • Saving space with nestable containers
  • • Transparent body and easy to see the inside
  • • Able to record the date on the food storage label and easy to know the amount by the mark on body
  • • Keep fresh and clean
  • • Store all kinds of food at home
  • • Suitable for dry food

Country of Origin

South Korea


  • To use:
  • 1. Open lid before using in microwave
  • 2. Use it only for reheating in microwave and do not keep it more than 3 minutes
  • 3. Do not use in oven or grill
  • 4. Do not use an empty container in microwave
  • 5. Avoid microwaving food high in fats and oils
  • 6. Keeping carbonated drink or fermented food for a long time can deteriorate its airtightness
  • 7. Be sure to keep hot food after cooling
  • 8. When's there is vaccum air, it is difficult to open cap
  • 9. Always close lid tightly
  • 10. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers
  • 11. Use only for main purpose


Keep away from fire