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Pet Pet Day Pants - L (9 - 14kg)
66 per pack|Brand:Pet Pet
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Till 31st Dec 2021

Key Information

  • • Easy wear and change
  • • Super absorbent layer for hi speed absorbency
  • • Double layer leak guard at legs
  • • Fully breathable cover for fresh skin

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  • • Precautions:
  • 1. If you notice a small amount of gel-like material on your baby's skin, please wipe away immediately
  • 2. To prevent diaper rash, change diaper often or as soon as there is any wetness
  • 3. If skin irritation or diaper rash occurs, stop using and consult a doctor
  • 4. Keep diaper away from baby to avoid choking or putting into mouth
  • • Disposal:
  • 1. Wrap up soiled diaper and dispose immediately
  • 2. Do not flush into the toilet
  • 3. Dispose used diaper in a sanitary way, according to your local regulations


  • • Store in a cool, dry place
  • • Store hygienically to avoid cotainmination with dust or insects
  • • Keep plastic bag away from children


Non Woven, Super Absorbent Polymer, Fluff Pulp, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Natural Rubber, Hotmelt Adhesive