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GOO.N Marshmallow Premium Soft Diapers - New Born (0-5kg)
GOO.N Marshmallow Premium Soft Diapers - New Born (0-5kg)66 per pack

Key Information

  • • The latest Goo.N Premium Series
  • • Made in Japan with leading technologies to prevent diaper rash and provide the softest and most comfortable touch for babies
  • • Extreme softness and breathability provide unparalleled comfort for the most delicate and sensitive skin

Country of Origin



  • • Top Sheet: Polyolefin Non-Woven
  • • Absorbent Pad: Pulp, Super Absorbent Polymee, Polyolefin Non-Woven
  • • Waterproof Material: Polyolefin Film
  • • Back Sheet: Polyolefin Non-Woven
  • • Tape: Polyolefin
  • • Elastic: Polyurethane
  • • Construction: Styrene Elastomer Synthetic Resin