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Sumifru Sweet Mountain Banana
Sumifru Sweet Mountain Banana820g

Key Information

  • These high brix bananas have a smooth bright yellow skin. It is sweeter in flavour, have a firm flesh.Goodness in a banana:
  • • Rich in Vitamin B6: Metabolise carbohydrates and fats, turning them into energy
  • • Contains Potassium: Maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure
  • • Contains fibre: Aids in digestive health

Country of Origin



  • Ways to enjoy:
  • • Add it into your salad
  • • Use it as toppings for desserts such as ice cream
  • • Open-faced sandwich
  • • Add it into your smoothies


  • • Ripen the bananas in a fruit bowl at room temperature
  • • Once ripe, the bananas can be stored in the fridge; their skin will turn black, but the flesh should be good for a few more days
  • • Peel and chop overripe bananas into chunks and freeze for use in banana cakes and smoothies