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Balloon Time Disposable Helium Balloon Tank
Balloon Time Disposable Helium Balloon Tank
1 pc|Brand:Balloon Time

Key Information

  • This disposable tank (balloons not included) is enough to inflate an average of either 30pcs of 9' latex balloons OR 16pcs of 11' normal size latex balloons. For best results, please fill the balloons 1 to 2 hours before your event. Kindly refer to filling chart on box packaging. For larger balloons, fewer balloons can be inflated. If the balloons are over-inflated than their original size, the total number of balloons that can be inflated will be lesser. This balloon tank includes a portable, 8.9 cubic foot helium-filled tank and an instruction booklet. Latex balloon float time is approximately 5-7 hours.
  • How to Use Balloon Time Helium Tank?
  • Fully open green valve by turning it counter-clockwise 4 full turns until it stops. Slide balloon neck tightly onto the black tilt nozzle. Push down on black tilt nozzle to release helium into balloon. Inflate to a 9 inch diameter using the diagram on the box. Remove balloon and tie a tight knot. Tie ribbon between the knot and end of the balloon. Turn valve clockwise to close tightly and store.
  • How to Loosen the Valve on Balloon Time Helium Tank?
  • The valve was closed tightly to keep the helium gas from leaking. To loosen the green valve, please turn it counter-clockwise. If it won't budge, please use a small towel for a stronger grip. Cover the green valve with a folded towel and turn counter-clockwise. Continue opening the valve by hand (four full turns).
  • How do I store the tank for its next use?
  • Hand-tighten the green valve tightly by turning clockwise, and store in a cool, dry place. Helium does not expire.
  • Empty Balloon Time tanks are fully recyclable.

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