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AFC Japan Ultimate DHA 70
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AFC Japan Ultimate DHA 70
60 pc|Brand:AFC Japan

Key Information

Extracted from the fatty part of premium deep-sea tuna eye socket, AFC Ultimate DHA70 uses the purest source of DHA oil for high 70% content. Tuna eye from the deep sea has the highest DHA and lowest EPA for optimal brain health. It is clinically proven that regular consumption of AFC Ultimate DHA 70 helps improve overall brain functions that promotes memory, learning and concentration for infants, children, adults and elders. It support brain development of fetuses, babies and growing children, and help relieves anxiety, hyperactivity & attention deficit related problems. Free from preservatives, colourings and additives, it is safe and recommended for long term consumption by all ages with no side effects. Benefits of AFC Ultimate DHA70: Supports brain development of fetuses, babies and children, For memory, learning, attention and concentration, Delays age-related cognitive degeneration, Relieves anxiety, hyperactivity and attention-deficit, Supports eye function, Promotes heart health

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Store in a cool dry area


Active Ingredients per 2 softgels: Refine Fish Oil (Purified from fatty parts of tuna eye socket) (DHA >70% & EPA > 1%), Vitamin E 3.6mg