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Alain Milliat Orange Juice-By Culina
Alain Milliat Orange Juice-By Culina

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Till 30th Jun 2020

Key Information

Pure orange juice made of fruits sourced from Morroco. Alain Milliat produces in a traditional home-style manner, fruit juices, nectars, jams and fruit purees, that are characterised by authentic and natural flavours. New products are introduced every year based on harvests and new discoveries by Alain Milliat. To give customers pleasure and the taste of fresh fruits at the peak of maturity, respecting their nature and its variations, showing the best of each fruit through a collection of Juices, Nectars and Jams -that's the challenge that Alain Milliat has taken on. Unlike industrial juices and nectars that simply duplicate the same uniform flavours each year, Alain Milliat's products vary each season.

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