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Aromaro Eco Spa Shower Filter - Yuzu
Aromaro Eco Spa Shower Filter - Yuzu1 pc

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Till 26th Feb 2020

Key Information

Enjoy a healthy and relaxed aromatherapy shower at home with this shower filter! It provides protein ingredients which are safe to human body and even pets! Additional nutrition to improve hair elasticity & keeping your skin & hair feeling moist & smooth. Created using the NSF Certified Sediment Filter which can perfectly remove rust and chloride in water. Awaken your skin and sense with this Yuzu infused oil filter, leaving it cleansed and gently refreshed at the start of the day!

Country of Origin

South Korea


Disassemble the existing shower head and connected hose by hands. Assemble AROMARO Eco Spa between shower head and hose.


Store in cool dry place.


Vitamin c, condroichin, rose hip seed oil, scoria water, dextrin, lemon oil, lilac oil, lime oil, lavender oil, ylang ylang oil