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Beringer Founders' Estate Red Wine - Merlot
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Key Information

Approachable and delicious from the first sip, this smooth, fruit-forward wine with both personality and a pleasing finish is ideal for everyday indulgence.

Country/place of Origin



  • • Best served at room temperature (15°C-18°C)
  • • Once opened consume within 3 days


  • • Best stored at a constant 12°C-16°C
  • • Avoid temperature extremes and fluctuations

Additional Information

Grapes for the Beringer Merlot are picked at the peak of maturity to maintain the fruit’s rich, ripe flavours in the finished wine. Ripe plum and currant flavours permeates the aroma and flavour of the wine, while a sweet, toasty note of oak offers a pleasant aftertaste. Wines from California are among the most reliable in the world in terms of fundamental quality. The soils and terroir of this region have propelled the popularity of California wine so much that close to 90% of all wine in America comes from California.