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Cap Limau Breadcrumbs
Cap Limau Breadcrumbs
1kg|Brand:Cap Limau

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Suitable for chicken

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  • 1. Marinate food to taste, make a few cuts on meat to marinate better
  • 2. Lightly beat egg in a bowl and add some milk
  • 3. Wet food in the mixture of egg and milk before coating with Cap Limau Breadcrumbs, if you wish to have a thicker coat dip the coated food in the wet mixture again and coat with Cap Limau Breadcrumbs
  • 4. Heat oil to 170-180°C, drop a small crumb into oil if crumbs floats immediately to the surface the oil is ready to trying


Flour, Skim Milk Powder, Salt, Sugar, Shortening, Yeast, Water and Bread Improver, Permited Colour : E102, E110 & E124

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Suitable for Chicken