Carmen Gran Reserva White Wine - Chardonnay

$24.50 $36.90
Till28th August 2019

    The best Chardonnay comes from cool climates where the variety can develop the elegant stone fruit and mineral aspects of its flavour spectrum. The vineyard is 30kms from the Pacific Ocean and benefits from the sea breeze cooling down the daytime temperatures during growing season. The world-class growing environment which Casablanca provides, enables us to create a Chardonnay of great finesse. It contains 14% Alc/Vol




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    This superb multi-dimensional wine is the result of our efforts to create the ultimate expression of Chardonnay. To do this, we focused on the two vital influences of soil and climate. Although it is so widely grown, great Chardonnay requires a very specific soil with a good balance between clay and silt. Casablanca Valley is a fine example of this soil composition.
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