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Chef Yellow Onion - Large
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Key Information

  • ** Actual product may come in different quantities based on the net weight
  • • Yellow onion is a general cooking onion used in stews to sauté
  • • Typically when a cooked recipe calls for onion, yellow onion is a safe way to go
  • • Yellow onions have a yellow-brown papery skin on the outside and a white flesh
  • • The flavour is strong with a hint of sweetness in them. This is also the onion used in burgers as caramelized onions.
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Country/place of Origin



  • Directions:
  • • Cut the top, then slice in half
  • • Using a sharp chef's knife, slice about a half an inch off the top of the onion and discard
  • • Peel off the papery layers
  • • Remove and discard the skin
  • • Chop vertically
  • • Take one onion half and lay it flat on your cutting board
  • • Chop horizontally


  • • Best consumed within 14 days of delivery• Best stored in a cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated place
  • • Store it in an open basket, bamboo steamer, mesh bag or netted bag
  • • Avoid leaving onions in plastic bags as it will rot due to poor ventilation
  • • Avoid storing in refrigerator as it will turn mushy and rot due to moisture within the space
  • • Absorb moisture easily, hence if temperature or humidity is too high, it may start to sprout or rot

Additional Information

The country of origin may vary between Malaysia, India and Pakistan depending on the stock availability.