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Combat Paste Bait Insecticide - Ant Killer
3 per pack|Brand:Combat
3.9|15 ratings

Key Information

  • • Paste bait insecticide
  • • Destroys queen ant and the entire colony
  • • Advanced secondary killing effect

Country/place of Origin

South Korea


  • Directions for use:
  • • To use, peel off adhesive sticker but do not remove or puncture the label on baits
  • • For indoor usage, place baits close to ant trails
  • • For outdoors, place them near areas where there are ants
  • • Do not spray other insecticides or baits


Keep away from foodstuff and children


  • Active Ingredient: Fipronil (0.01% w/w)
  • Inert Ingredient: 99.99% w/w