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Merries Walker Pants - XL (12 - 22kg)
3 x 38 per pack (CTN)|Brand:Merries

Key Information

  • • Provides exceptional breathability at all parts of the diaper
  • • Superb absorbency for dry comfort while preventing leakage
  • • As well as a comfortable fit that allows freedom of movement

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  • 1. Put your hands through the bottom of the pants diaper and gently ease your baby's legs into the openings
  • 2. If you are putting on the pants diaper while your baby is standing, make sure he can support himself
  • 3. Stretch the pants diaper open and place one foot in first before the other
  • 4. Lift the waistline of the pants diaper above your baby's navel
  • 5. Check the fit around the elastic waistband and ensure that the gathers around the thighs are not folded inwards
  • 6. Use your fingers to adjust the inner gathers, so as to prevent leakage


Store the diaper packs in a clean and dry area away from direct sunlight, before and after opening


Pulp Sheets, Super Absorbent Polymer, Non-Woven Top Sheet and Side Gathers, Polyurethane (Non-Woven) Backsheet, Elastic (Material), Hot Melt Adhesive

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