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Dentalpro Interdental Brush with Traveling Cap - Size 2
10 per pack|Brand:Dentalpro
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Till 28th Sep 2023

Key Information

Ultra soft tip follow by regular firm bristle synchonizing comfortable insertion with thorough plaque removal.

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  • • Directions For Use:
  • 1. Insert brush gently into triangle gap between teeth
  • 2. Using a soft straight back-and-forth motion
  • 3. Remove plaque and food particles
  • • Caution:
  • 1. Never insert or pull brush into a small gap by force as it will cause injury to the gums and teeth
  • 2. Do not bend wire over and over again
  • 3. Use only to remove plaque and food particles between teeth
  • 4. Remember to clean brush after each use
  • 5. Please follow directions for use
  • 6. Discard brush when it resembles pictures on the left