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Einhell PXC CE-CB 18/254 Li-Solo Cordless Car Polisher
Einhell PXC CE-CB 18/254 Li-Solo Cordless Car Polisher
1 Per Pack|Brand:Einhell

Key Information

Einhell CE-CB 18/254 Li - Solo cordless car polishing machine to quickly polish your car to a mirror finish. The secret: Flexibility with freedom to maneuver while working, thanks to operation with a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery is a member of the innovative Power X-Change family from Einhell and can be used in all the devices from the system series. For a long service life the polishing machine is user-friendly and robust in design, while the Soft grip contributes to comfortable operation with minimum strain and a perfectly firm hold. The powerful 2,500 revolutions per minute and the polishing disk with a diameter of 254 millimetres make it a highly effective tool for polishing and sprucing up the vehicle. For safety there is an easily accessible ON/OFF switch and overload protection. First the polishing agent is applied to the paint surface with the textile polishing bonnet. Then the synthetic polishing bonnet is used to produce a long-lasting shine. The polishing bonnets are included with the product. The required rechargeable battery and charger can be purchased separately if required.

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Store in cool and dry place.