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Glad Microwave Wrap (100 square feet)
Glad Microwave Wrap (100 square feet)1 per pack

Key Information

  • • Cling creates a tight seal
  • • Easy-to-handle as it stays controllable after torn from roll
  • • Helps to keep food fresh with its tight seal
  • • Microwave safe product

Country of Origin

Hong Kong


  • • Directions
  • 1. To open box, lift tab from the right hand side and peel off the strip
  • 2. Simply lift and pull easy roll start
  • 3. Pull amount of wrap needed
  • 4. Tear wrap down and across the cutter
  • 5. Stretch wrap over food for longer lasting freshness
  • • Microwave/u>
  • 1. Allow at least 2cm of space between microwave wrap and food
  • 2. To allow steam to escape, turn back one corner of microwave wrap
  • 3. Always use caution when removing microwave wrap from heated foods
  • • Caution
  • 1. Do not use microwave wrap when using a conventional oven or toaster oven
  • 2. Do not pierce holes in microwavewrap
  • 3. When covering dishes, loosely cover, seal and allow for steam ventilation at the edge of the dish
  • 4. Do not allow microwave wrap to contact hot sugary and fatty foods as this may cause melting (It is recommended that a large container be used)