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Holle Spaghetti Bolognese 220g
220 G|Brand:Holle
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Eat. Play. Love
Bottomsup MallEat. Play. Love
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Bottomsup Mall
Eat. Play. Love
Bottomsup MallEat. Play. Love

Key Information

  • From about 8 months onwards, besides a variety of food, your little bundle hungers for independence. This is the best time to encourage self-feeding. Self-feeding taps into your babys fine motor skills and is important for personal and social development.
  • To encourage self-feeding, you can scoop the pureed food into a clean bowl and let your cutie self-feed with a spoon. It may not be a neat and pretty sight during but it is definitely a fun experience for them.
  • Many parents love traditional baby food in jars because they are eco-friendly. Additionally, due to the nature of glass and vacuum sealing method of keeping the contents fresh, more varieties of pureed food can be produced in glass jars. They also have a longer shelf life compared to pouches.
  • Pasta jars are ideal to kickstart the weaning process.
  • To support and enhance your babys self-feeding and spoon-feeding experience, Holle has specially created little spoons. See below for more information.
  • Holle Baby spoon made from 100% renewable resources
  • To get your baby used to eating with a spoon we recommend using a suitable spoon. The shape of the Holle Baby Spoon is specially developed for babies from 4 months and older. It holds a portion size that fits perfectly into the mouth.
  • They are made from high-quality organic material made from 100% renewable resources. It is free from genetic engineering and harmful substances. Food safe, colourfast and odourless, they are made in Europe and complies with EN 14372 and DIN EN 71-3.

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Dietary informationOrganic


  • Stir before use. Scoop only what you need into a clean bowl and feed with a spoon.
  • Start feeding 2-4 teaspoons and increase amount up to one jar.


After opening, keep baby baby food jar closed with the sealing cap and refrigerated for up to 2 days.


  • Vegetables 48.4 % (tomato* 30.4 %, carrot* 16 %, leek*), water, wheat spaghetti** 9.9 %, beef* 8 %, rice semolina**
  • *from biodynamic agriculture
  • **from organic agriculture