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Imperial Tea Gift Set
Imperial Tea Gift Set
1 X 108G|Brand:Imperial Tea

Key Information

100% Puer Tea Leaves Develops a mellow, yet-complex flavour, and shares attributes similar to fine wines No sugar added 100% Tie Guan Yin Tea Leaves Balanced and full, carrying with it a sweet floral hint and long-lasting velvety finish No sugar added 100% Xiang Pian Tea Leaves Delicate tea with fresh Jasmine fragrance and taste No sugar added

Country of Origin



Water: 200ml Water Temperature: 95-100C Brewing Guide: 2-4 mins Second brew is recommended Water: 200ml Water Temperature: 90-95C Brewing Guide: 1-3 mins Water: 150-180ml Water Temperature: 85-90C Brewing Guide: 3 mins


Store in cool and dry place. Once opened, consume within 12 months.


100% tea leaves