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Jewel Coffee Ground Coffee - Brazil
250 G|Brand:Jewel Coffee
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Sold by:
Jewel Coffee
Speciality Coffee
Jewel CoffeeSpeciality Coffee
Sold by:
Jewel Coffee
Speciality Coffee
Jewel CoffeeSpeciality Coffee


  • This coffee have the typical features of South Minas coffees and more. It has pronounced body and sweetness, excellent aroma and moderate acidity.
  • The quality is controlled at all stages of production, from planting to harvesting, processing and shipment. The estates agronomists are trained to understand how growing techniques influence cup quality. Harvesting is staged according to the degree of maturation of the cherries. Processing is monitored throughout by means of samples taken at key operations like drying and grading. Quality control is performed by trained cuppers who run the farms coffee quality laboratory. The estate cuppers interact with traders to learn about coffee market requirements and consumption trends.
  • Cup Characteristics: Honey, Nutty, Creamy
  • Varietal: Yellow Bourbon




Dietary informationVegetarian
Dietary informationTrans-Fat Free
Dietary informationGluten-Free
Dietary informationLactose-Free


  • Here are the basic steps to make perfect coffeeassuming you're not making it with an automatic coffee machine (in which case, you'd follow manufacturers' guidelines):
  • 1. Line the basket of your coffee maker with a filter. Bring filtered water to a boil, then let it sit for a minute.
  • 2. Pour enough water into the filter to wet it completely, and let it drain into your cup or coffee pot. Discard the water.
  • 3. Measure the ground coffee into the wet filter. Pour in enough water to wet the ground coffee and drain into your cup or coffee pot, then pour in the rest of the water.


To keep fresh, store coffee in an airtight, opaque container at room temperature and use within 1-2 weeks after grinding/opening.


  • Net Weight 250g
  • Distributed by Jewel Coffee Roasters Pte Ltd
  • 10C Jalan Ampas #06-02
  • Ho Seng Lee Flatted Warehouse Singapore 329513