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Lindeman's Cawarra Red Wine - Merlot

Key Information

  • • A wine that gets people together
  • • Pair this wine with some seafood chicken and antipasto
  • • Great shared with a group of people engaging in quality conversations

Country of Origin



  • • Best served at room temperature (15°C-18°C)
  • • Once opened consume within 3 days


  • • Contains sulphites
  • • Produced with the aid of egg and milk products and traces may remain

Additional Information

Indulge in the wonderful aromas of confectionary and ripe plums as you treat your palate to rich fruit sweetness, ripe berries and a tint of spicy oak. Made with the idea of creating wines that offer fresh, easily enjoyable flavours at an incredible value-for-money price, the Lindeman’s Cawarra range is a tribute to the vision of Dr Henry Lindeman, who planted his first vines in the Hunter Valley named 'Cawarra' in 1843. The skill and diverse resources of the Lindeman’s winemaking team has allowed them to create a specific range of wines that are immediately appealing and consistent for maximum satisfaction.