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Mamafry Bread Crumbs
Mamafry Bread Crumbs160g

Key Information

A perfect crisp golden crust on fried meat, fish, seafoods and vegetables. For extending meat, poultry, or fish when making hamburgers, meat loaves, patties and croquettes

Country of Origin



  • • Moisten food with milk and egg mixture
  • • Pour bread crumbs into a shallow dish or a bag
  • • Dip each piece of food into the bread crumbs until evenly coated on all sides


Flour, Shortening (Soya Bean), Yeast, Salt, Soya Bean Powder, Emulsifying Agent, V.C

Additional Information

  • • For casseroles
  • • For topping, it is easy to make golden crisp fried foods with Mamafry's bread crumbs
  • • For coating foods, meat loaves, patties, casseroles