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Minologi Sake Lees Hands  Bubble Pack
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Minologi Sake Lees Hands Bubble Pack
50 G|Brand:Minologi

Key Information

Sake lees extract is develop through a special and well-established Japanese brewing method known as Kitajima, which is the brewing of Oomi. This innovative extract solution helps to generate fairer-looking skin for your hands Special brightening ingredients like Sake Lees Extract, Titanium Oxide and Rice Bran Extract helps washes away the dull pigments in the skin, thus giving it a fairer appearance. Suggested Use: Kindly apply appropriate amount of Sake Lees Hand Bubble pack evenly on skin after cleansing your face. Rub the solution on your palms and all across your hands until bubbles are formed. The amount of bubbles with increase along with the duration of the application. Lastly, please wash away the bubble solution with water after 90 seconds/ 1 to 2 minutes of application.

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Always store in a cool, dry place