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MommyJ Banana Rice Puff
50 G|Brand:MommyJ
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One Seed
Eat, Play, Sleep & More
One SeedEat, Play, Sleep & More
Sold by:
One Seed
Eat, Play, Sleep & More
One SeedEat, Play, Sleep & More

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Parents often make a common mistake when choosing rice puff based on adult taste preference. This is because we adults have long adapted to robust flavour with our heavy taste bud for saltiness, spiciness, heavy sweetness. Since babies are at a crucial stage of development, it is necessary to limit their exposure to potentially dangerous synthetic additive. When comes to baby rice puff, parents need to pay detailed attention to the ingredients list and check what is actually made from. The rule of thumb is to select those that are made with least ingredients, as pure, as natural, and as original as it could be. Therefore, zero-added PURE baby rice puff is what parents should get for their precious little ones. MommyJ Rice Puff are non-fried and non-baked. Our rice puff is made from the process of rapidly decompressing the ingredients under pressure. Hence our rice puff is porous, fluffy, crispy and carries a taste of natural sweetness. Our rice puff is mixed with pure natural fruits that rich in vitamins and calcium, which helps promoting development of child. (10g x 5 packs).

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Dietary informationHalal
Dietary informationVegetarian
Dietary informationTrans-Fat Free


Room temperature


Calrose white rice, brown rice, blueberry powder

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