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Mozquit Mosquitoes Repeller - Vaporizer
Mozquit Mosquitoes Repeller - Vaporizer 230g

Key Information

  • • Aromatherapy vaporizer to repel mosquitoes
  • • Bio degradable and air refreshing that can last up to 60 days and 400 square feet
  • • Contains natural botanical extracts like lemongrass and mint which have no side effects, non toxic, environmental friendly yet effectively repelling mosquitoes

Country of Origin



  • 1. Twist to open ventilation cover
  • 2. Unscrew pad cover and remove insert
  • 3. Screw back pad cover & insert absorbent stick till it touches base of solution bottle
  • 4. Put pad on pad cover to touch tip of absorbent stick
  • 5. Replace back ventilation cover


Lemongrass, Mint, Essential Oil and Aqua