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Okamoto Condom - Cool
Okamoto Condom - Cool4 per pack

Key Information

The addition of menthol lubricant provides the cooling feature which gives different tactile impressions to enhance the feelings and pleasure for you and your partner. The dimensions are nominal width at 52± 2mm and nominal length at 180± 10mm.

Country of Origin



  • 1. Open the individual condom wrapper carefully
  • 2. Make sure the part to be unrolled is on the outside
  • 3. Hold the nipple-end of the condom between thumb and forefinger against the head of erect penis
  • 4. Squeeze the nipple-end of the condom
  • 5. With the other hand, roll the condom over the entire length of penis
  • 6. After ejaculation/intercourse, withdraw penis before losing erection
  • 7. Remove the condom and dispose it properly


  • • Store condom in cool and dry place
  • • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and mechanical damage


Hydrated Silica, Silicone, Menthol, Natural Rubber Latex, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Bis-phenols, Dithio-carbornate, Potassium Oleate, Alkyl Naphtalene, Sulfonic Acid-salts