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Pampers Premium Care Diapers - New Born (5kg)
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Pampers Premium Care Diapers - New Born (5kg)
66 per pack|Brand:Pampers

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Key Information

  • • Designed with feathery soft fluffy materials that gently wraps around delicately, providing comfort
  • • Features "three magic absorbent core" that helps to absorb quickly and distribute evenly
  • • Leaves skin smooth and dry for up to 12 hours
  • • Stretches and shrinks with flexible fit, giving the baby freedom of movement

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  • • Important:
  • 1. Do not tape directly on skin
  • 2. Please replace dirty diaper immediately
  • 3. Discontinue to use if allergy reaction occurs
  • • Disposal:
  • 1. Roll up with the dirty part inside and dispose responsibly
  • 2. Do not throw away disposed diapers in the toilet


  • • Keep out of reach of children as they might accidentally choke on product
  • • Please store in hygienically so that dust or insects would not be able to enter


  • • Surface Material: Polyolefin Nonwoven Fabric
  • • Absorbent Material: Polyester Nonwoven Fabric, Polyolefin Nonwoven Fabric, Cotton-Like Pulp, Polymeric Water Absorbing Material
  • • Waterproof Material: Polyolefin Film
  • • Fastening/ PP Compacting Material: Synthetic Rubber
  • • Bonding Material: Hot Melt Adhesive Material