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Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Wide Neck Teats - M (3+ months)
2 per pack|Brand:Pigeon
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Key Information

  • • With anti-colic system
  • • Clincally tested for seamless switch between breast and bottle

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  • • Guide to Correct Hole Size:
  • 1. To ensure the ideal feeding time of 10 - 15 minutes
  • 2. A nipple with the proper holes size should be chosen
  • • Cleaning:
  • 1. Before use, be sure to wash and sterilize thoroughly following the instruction
  • 2. Always wash your hands with soap before cleaning, sterilizing and feeding
  • 3. After each use, rinse in warm water and wash with cleanser for nursing bottles
  • • Sterilizing:
  • 1. Be sure to sterilize before each use
  • 2. After thoroughly washing the nipple, completely submerge them in boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilize
  • 3. Chemical and microwaveable sterilization are also possible
  • 4. Use specifically for baby bottles and nipples
  • • Important:
  • 1. If the openings are clogged or the nipple hole size is not suitable for your baby, the pressure inside the bottle may rise, causing the nipple to collapse and opening a gap between the nipple and cap
  • 2. Your baby's lip or tongue may not be caught in this gap so exercise caution


  • • Note:
  • 1. The nipple opening and ventilation hole can become clogged
  • 2. Clogging can lead to nipple collapse
  • 3. Keep the nipple opening and ventilation hole clear
  • 4. The tip of of the nipple is very delicate
  • 5. When using a nipple brush to clean it, gently press the nipple with the tip of the finger while washing
  • 6. Inspect before each use and pull the nipple in all direction
  • 7. The nipples may be worn by biting
  • 8. Special attention is needed for teething child
  • 9. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness
  • 10. Do not leave a nipple in direct sunlight or heat, or leave in disinfectant ('sterilizing solution') for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the nipple
  • 11. When not in use, keep in a dry, covered container
  • • Warning:
  • 1. Always use this product with adult supervision
  • 2. Never use nipples as a soother
  • 3. Continuous and prolonged sucking or fluids will cause tooth decay
  • 4. Always check food temperature before feeding
  • 5. Keep all components out of reach of children


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